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A collection of my digital works. This includes 3D Animation, Narrative Games, Virtual Reality (VR), research projects, and films.

Hockey Cards

Spring 2020

Growing up, I loved getting baseball cards. A year or so ago, I was looking for women's hockey cards and found next to none. There were some Team Canada cards and the random Hilary Knight card, but that was pretty much it. So, I decided to make some myself.

- These are drafts / mockups / first renders / etc.
- All information is copy/pasted from the NWHL roster pages
- Photos are my own, for the portraits on the back - I "guessed" who took them
- Logos are from Google Image Search, some are low quality because that's all I could find
- The cards themselves can be used as templates for other players
- Players on these cards were picked based on which photos I took that looked like "hockey card photos"
- Cards made in Photoshop, 3D models and animation made in Maya, video made in Premiere
- See promotional video at the end of the slideshow
- Note: These are not officially affiliated with the NWHL or anyone else. They are simply a personal project at the moment.

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Swarm Simulation

Fall 2019

Developed in Unity / C#
Made for a final project in MA277 Elementary Numerical Methods at Clarkson University

- Each moving sphere represents a shopper / person shopping on Black Friday
- Each person has three emotional states: Normal / content [Blue], angry [Red], happy [Light Blue / Cyan]
- The stationary white spheres represent items to be purchased
- Each person starts in the "normal" emotional state at the entrance / checkout
- When they bump into another person, they become "angry"
- When they pick up an item they want, they become "happy"
- Each person has a shopping list of five items
- Each item has a limited quantity (25)
- Each time a person picks up (touches) an item, they move to the next one on their list and that item decreases its quantity by one
- If an item's quantity reaches zero, it disappears and can no longer be picked up
- If a person finds an item is no longer available, they move on to another item
- When a person grabs all five items on their list, they move to checkout

The original outburst of "shoppers / persons"
- This represents "shoppers / persons" at the door waiting for the store to open and then a sudden flood when the store does open
Sometimes the "person" stalls at an item
- This represents someone being indecisive on whether or not to buy the item
- If there are two or more "persons" stalled at an item, they may be in argument about who can take the item

VR Hockey

Spring 2019

- Hockey in virtual reality (VR)
- Created as a final project for Clarkson University's CS461 - Mixed Reality class
- Developed in Unity / C#
- All the models were created in Autodesk Maya
- Some textures were created in Photoshop, the rest were downloaded from free asset stores

Live footage captured on a GoPro

Clarkson Women's Hockey Promotional Video

Fall 2019

- Promotional video created for the Clarkson Women's Hockey Team
- Scripted, filmed, and edited by Schuyler Meyer
- Starring Cassidy Vinkle
- Music: For Tomorrow by Savfk
- Filmed on location at Clarkson University and in Cheel Arena
- Filmed with Canon cameras and GoPros

Monuments (VR)

Spring 2018

A virtual reality experience created through collaborated research on the current issues regarding Southern monuments (in the US). Displays perspectives from those that want to keep the monuments of Southern (Confederate) icons and those that want them to be taken down, as well as general historical facts about the monuments, the movement behind them, and the American Civil War.

- Created as a final project for Clarkson University's DA391 - VR & 360 Mixed Reality
- Developed in Unity / C# for VR, with potential for AR implementation
- Most models were created in Autodesk Maya, some were downloaded from free asset stores
- Background from Google Street View

More Projects

Here are a few more smaller projects:

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