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Whether I have reached a level of consistency yet or not is one thing, but I would describe my artistic style as taking roots in a mix of both romanticism and photojournalism. (And yes, I know those are nearly contradictory of one another). While I don't have a background in photojournalism per se, I am deeply inspired by many photojournalists and their ability to capture their subject. Similarly, I think my work also takes inspiration from the work of romantic painters of old (Albert Bierstadt, in particular, whose art was often criticized for exaggeration). And likewise, in my work, I'm not adding, nor taking away, what's not there, I'm just *subtly* shaping the view – making the mountains a little taller, the lighting a little more dramatic, etc. I'm trying to invoke an emotion and make my photos painting-esque. An example of someone's work that I am deeply inspired by is Adam Glanzman (@glanzpiece on Instagram) and Jean Fruth (@jeanfruthimages on Instagram).

But of course, there is also such a thing as over-editing and "too much", of which I am always considering. Additionally, if given the request, I can match nearly any style or "look", even if it is the complete opposite of "my own" style. This also includes photo manipulation. To read more "about me", visit my about page.