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This is my first attempt at building a website completely from scratch. (HTML, CSS, JS, etc.) – started in 2019. Everything on this website I have created or implemented myself. (Obviously, I did not create the "Twitter" logo, but I did design my own version of it to display on my website, same story with all the other brand logos as well).

I continuously update this website with new features and bug fixes. If you see any blatant bugs, on any browser or device, please email or message me. (Contact page coming soon - email or message on social media in the meantime). Comments and feedback are also welcome.

View the GitHub repository here: GitHub.

PS: This is just a quick message letting you know that I am trying to implement Google Analytics on this site. (I love looking at this kind of data). It is running in the background. There are no other cookies saved on this site.

All Google Analytics is doing (at least that I'm aware of, who knows what Google does behind the scenes) is tracking basic data like number of users, location (region), and stuff like that. Individual users are completely anonymous to me, it simply tallies the data.

And once again, if you have any questions, comments, or feedback, feel free to message me on any of the social medias or email me at