Schuyler Meyer

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Hello friends and onlookers,

Hmmm, where to start?

My name is Schuyler Meyer — [ pronounced like "Sky—ler My—er" ].

As for my dreams and aspirations, my ultimate goal is to create immersive experiences. Whether they be happy and exciting for people to relive or escape to, more sensitive and emotional for people to better understand the struggles of others or to learn about history past, or simply awe-inspiring and epic. The tools used could be any number of things, such as virtual or augmented reality, in the form of a video game or animation, or a photograph.

I, myself, am always fascinated and inspired by those that are able to create or capture the emotions of their subject and environment, in any multitude of forms – game, movie, animation, book, photograph, etc. Whether I have reached a level of consistency yet or not is one thing, but I would describe my artistic style as taking roots in a mix of both romanticism and photojournalism. (And yes, I know those are nearly contradictory of one another). While I don't have a background in photojournalism per se, I am deeply inspired by the many photojournalists and their ability to capture their subject. Similarly, I think my work also takes inspiration from the work of romantic painters of old (Albert Bierstadt, in particular, whose art was often criticized for exaggeration), and in addition to, more specifically, the Hudson River School of Art "style". And likewise, in my work, I'm not adding, nor taking away, what's there or not, I'm just *subtly* shaping the view. I'm trying to invoke an emotion, to tell a story, and to give someone an experience, even with a single photograph. But of course, there is also such a thing as "too much", which is always a constant consideration. An example of someone's work that I am deeply inspired by is Adam Glanzman (@glanzpiece on Instagram) and Jean Fruth (@jeanfruthimages on Instagram). Naturally, the above does not only apply to my photography, but any and all of my artistic endeavors.

In regard to the more tangible and technical stuff, I recently graduated from Clarkson University in Potsdam, NY with a bachelor's degree in software engineering and a second bachelor's degree in digital arts and sciences. While there, I worked on some really cool projects – both for research and class as well as for fun. As one of the student photographers for the school (both marketing and athletic departments), I also did a lot with photography. I probably missed out on one or more social events because I was always editing photos. And I even got to TA a photography class as well. (To see the gritty details, see below. To see more of my photography, check out my photography site, here.)

In addition to photography and other projects, I was also an officer (or E–Board as we called it) for four different student run clubs:
– Baseball Club (Historian, Photographer, Webmaster, Player)
– Video Game Club [CUGI – Clarkson University Gamers Initiative] (Treasurer, Head and Founder of the Game Creation Committee)
– Photo Club (Secretary)
– Anime Club (Secretary)
– Men's and Women's Club Hockey teams (Team Photographer).

Before we move on, a note about this website – it is a personal one. A personal project of a personal website. I have created and written everything on here from scratch, from the photos, logos, and backgrounds to all the underlying HTML, CSS, and JavaScript. While I do have a degree in software, I had never taken any classes in HTML before – I self-taught myself HMTL / CSS / JavaScript through the many tutorials on the internet for this website project. With that being said, as you scroll down, you may notice my software senior design project was created using HTML (among other things) – while it is true that that project was my first experience with HMTL, there was no formal "teaching", my team was learning and piecemealing as we went along. That project was more of a taste, where this personal website project is more of the full course.

Resume Stat Sheet ­(The Full Experience)

Software Developer Resume
Web Dev Resume
Photography Resume
Animation Resume

Technical Skills:

Currently Learning:


May 2019, Fall 2020
Clarkson University

Engineering Experience:

Winter 2022
Wordsearch for Wordle
Personal Project
Winter 2021 —
Twitter Bot
Personal Project
Summer 2019 —
Full Stack Website and Portfolio
Personal Project
Fall 2018
Swarm Simulation Project
Clarkson University
Summer 2018
Software Developer Internship
17a-4 LLC., Millbrook, NY
Fall 2017
Software Senior Design Project
Clarkson University | Project Leader
  • Designed an online inventory database system using HTML, PHP, and MySQL

  • Allocated responsibilities to each team member and ensured deadlines were met

  • Communicated with the client to ensure that all the requirements were satisfied

Game Creation | VR Experience | Animation:

Spring 2022 —
Darkstar Games
Unity Developer
  • Developed a JSON-fueled dialogue system

  • Created a rotating character selection screen

  • Assisted with QA testing while providing specific feedback

  • See here, for more information

Summer 2021
Animation | The Cube, Evolved
Personal Project
  • Designed and created multiple short animations of a custom-made robot

  • Created with Maya, rendered in Arnold, video compiled in Davinci Resolve

  • To view the project, click here

Fall 2018 — Fall 2019
VR | Spatial Navigation and Foraging Research Project
Clarkson University
  • Lead developer on a research project with the Psychology Department

  • Developed a VR environment for researchers to examine and gather data for the behavior and decision strategies made by humans

  • Wrote all the underlying code

  • Data is outputted to a CSV file for the research team to use

  • Created with Unity, Oculus, C#, Photoshop, Maya, and Excel

  • To view the project, click here

Spring 2019
VR | The Virtual Archive
Clarkson University
  • Developed a fully immersive virtual museum of my past works

  • Designed a VR environment for people to walk around in

  • Made with Unity, Oculus, C#, Photoshop, Maya

  • Created as a final project for Clarkson University's Digital Arts and Sciences Program, Senior Studies class

  • To view the project, click here

Spring 2019
VR | Ice Hockey
Clarkson University
  • Developed playable hockey in virtual reality

  • Made with Unity, Oculus, C#, Photoshop, Maya

  • Created as a final project for Clarkson University's Mixed Reality class

Fall 2018
Animation | Konbini
Clarkson University
  • Developed a 3D animation in a cyberpunk sci-fi setting

  • Made with Maya and Photoshop, rendered with Arnold, video edited with After Effects and Premiere

  • To view the project, click here

Spring 2018
VR | An Observation Surrounding Southern Monuments
Clarkson University
  • Collaborative research project using VR to explore the current issues of Southern Monuments

  • Created with Unity, Oculus, C#, Photoshop, Maya, and Google Earth

Spring 2018
Video Game Narrative | Seekers of the Bygone
Clarkson University
  • Designed and developed an interactive story game in Unity, C#, Maya, Photoshop, and Fungus

  • Brenda Romero commented "Wow!", when first shown it

  • To view the project, click here

Spring 2017 — Spring 2019
Founder & Head of the Game Creation Committee
Clarkson University Gamers Initiative
  • Developed multiple prototypes in Unity

  • Decided as a team the game’s theme and setting, and discussed relevant gameplay mechanics

  • Delegated roles and deadlines to team members based on their strengths

  • Converted hand drawn sketches by the team’s artists into 3D Models using Maya

  • Taught the basics of Unity and game design to new members

Summer 2015
The Adventure Game
Personal Project
  • Developed a text-based adventure game in MATLAB and GIMP

Photography Experience:

Fall 2019 — 2021
PHF — The Premier Hockey Federation,
(formally the NWHL — National Women's Hockey League)

Official Photographer
  • Photos used on PHF / NWHL’s website and social media

  • Took the Connecticut Whale's team photo (19-20) and headshots (20-21)

Winter 2018 — Winter 2019
Broken Bat Media
Photographer | Contributor
  • Officially photographed:

    • Hudson Valley Renegades (MiLB)

    • Staten Island Yankees (MiLB)

    • West Virginia Black Bears (MiLB)

    • Albany Empire (AFL)

    • Philadelphia Soul (AFL)

    • Belfast Giants (EIHL)

    • Sheffield Steelers (EIHL)

  • Photos used on website and social media

Fall 2017 — Winter 2020
Clarkson University Athletics Department
Student Photographer
  • Officially photographed Clarkson Athletic Teams (NCAA D1, D3) including:

    • Men's | Women’s Hockey

    • Baseball

    • Softball

    • Men's | Women’s Soccer

    • Men's | Women’s Basketball

    • Volleyball

    • Men's | Women’s Lacrosse

    • Golf

    • Men's | Women’s Cross Country

    • Men's | Women’s Swimming and Diving

  • Officially photographed the 2018 and 2019 NCAA D1 Women’s Hockey Frozen Four Tournament (Minnesota, Connecticut)

  • Officially photographed the first NCAA Women's Hockey games played outside of North America (Belfast, N. Ireland, 2019)

Fall 2018
Clarkson University Communications Department
Teaching Assistant
  • TA for “Digital Photography” class

  • Provided students with photography and editing fundamentals

  • Helped prepare class demonstrations, such as lighting and portrait set ups

  • Assisted students with printing help (photo prints)

Spring 2017 — 2019
Clarkson University Marketing and External Relations
Student Photographer
  • Officially photographed:

    • Alumni events

    • TEDx talks

    • A US Presidential Candidate

    • Clarkson graduation and commencement

    • The Clarkson School graduation

    • Speakers

    • Workshops

    • Fashion shows

    • Award and scholarship winners

  • Photos used for promotional purposes, website and social media, record keeping, postcards

May 2018, 2019
Millbrook Literary Festival
Official Photographer
  • Photographed world-famous authors and writers, and the general festivities of the event

  • Photos used on website and social media

Fall 2014 — Spring 2019
Clarkson Club Baseball
Historian | Team Photographer | Webmaster | Player

Fall 2017 — Spring 2019
Clarkson Men's | Women's Club Hockey
Team Photographer

Fall 2016 — Spring 2019
Clarkson University Photo Club
  • Planned out meeting agendas and organized meeting times

  • Presented photography fundamentals and techniques to club members

Additional Experience & Leadership:

Spring 2022 –
Sloan Architects
Junior Architect / IT
  • Maintained the website and provided technical support throughout the office

  • Drafted complex drawings, plans, and details in AutoCAD

  • Directed clients by telephone to correct departments

  • Conducted civil engineering tests out in the field

Fall 2015 – Fall 2018
Clarkson University Gamers Initiative
  • Designed club / event logos and created promotional videos

  • Organized and maintained social media accounts – increased membership across platforms

  • Managed the yearly budget of $1250 and provided detailed expense reports

  • Planned and organized events including gaming / LAN events with over 100 attendees

Fall 2017 – Spring 2018
Clarkson University Anime Club
  • Provided members with a weekly schedule and updates on events

  • Increased engagement with "a Japanese-word-of-the-week" and relavent gifs

Spring 2014
Sloan Architects, Millbrook, NY

2010 — 2015
Merritt Bookstore, Millbrook, NY
IT | Cashier | Receiving/Returns | Off-Site Events