Schuyler Meyer

Schuyler Meyer

Hello friends and onlookers,
travelers and acquaintances, Greetings:

My name is Schuyler Meyer — [ pronounced like "Sky—ler My—er" ].

Current: I am working as a freelance photographer, while trying to work my way into a game and / or web development role. In my free time, I'm always working on either this website, or other coding projects, creating small games or simulations, or 3D modeling and animations, in addition to tinkering with mine (and others) computers and other electronics.

For my dreams and aspirations, my ultimate goal is to create immersive experiences. Whether they be happy and exciting for people to relive or escape to, more sensitive and emotional for people to better understand the struggles of others or to learn about history past, or simply awe-inspiring and epic. The tools used could be any number of things, such as virtual or augmented reality, in the form of a video game or animation, or a photograph. This is more general on purpose, as it could be accomplished in many different ways!

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Resume Stat Sheet ­(The Full Experience)

Developer Resume – Pretty
Developer Resume – ATS Friendly
Photography Resume

Technical Skills:

Currently Learning:


May 2019, Fall 2020
Clarkson University

Engineering Experience:

Winter 2023 —
WordPress Developer
Spring 2022 – Spring 2023
Junior Architect / Drafter / IT
Sloan Architects
Winter 2022
Wordsearch for Wordle
Personal Project
Winter 2021 — 2023
Twitter Bot
Personal Project
Summer 2019 —
Full Stack Website and Portfolio
Personal Project
Fall 2018
Swarm Simulation Project
Clarkson University
Summer 2018
Software Developer Internship
17a-4 LLC., Millbrook, NY
Fall 2017
Software Senior Design Project
Clarkson University | Project Leader

Game Creation | VR | Animation:

Spring 2022 —
Darkstar Games
Unity Developer
Summer 2021
Animation | The Cube, Evolved
Personal Project
Fall 2018 — Fall 2019
VR | Spatial Navigation and Foraging Research Project
Clarkson University
Spring 2019
VR | The Virtual Archive
Clarkson University
Spring 2019
VR | Ice Hockey
Clarkson University
Fall 2018
Animation | Konbini
Clarkson University
Spring 2018
VR | An Observation Surrounding Southern Monuments
Clarkson University
Spring 2018
Video Game Narrative | Seekers of the Bygone
Clarkson University
Spring 2017 — Spring 2019
Founder & Head of the Game Creation Committee
Clarkson University Gamers Initiative
Summer 2015
The Adventure Game
Personal Project

Photography Experience:

2018 —
Freelance Photographer

Fall 2019 — 2021
PHF — The Premier Hockey Federation,
(formally the NWHL — National Women's Hockey League)

Official Photographer
Winter 2018 — Winter 2019
Broken Bat Media
Photographer | Contributor
Fall 2017 — Winter 2020
Clarkson University Athletics Department
Student Photographer
Fall 2018
Clarkson University Communications Department
Teaching Assistant
Spring 2017 — 2019
Clarkson University Marketing and External Relations
Student Photographer
May 2018, 2019
Millbrook Literary Festival
Official Photographer
Fall 2014 — Spring 2019
Clarkson Club Baseball
Historian | Team Photographer | Webmaster | Player

Fall 2017 — Spring 2019
Clarkson Men's | Women's Club Hockey
Team Photographer

Fall 2016 — Spring 2019
Clarkson University Photo Club

Additional Experience & Leadership:

Fall 2015 – Fall 2018
Clarkson University Gamers Initiative
Fall 2017 – Spring 2018
Clarkson University Anime Club

Spring 2014
Sloan Architects, Millbrook, NY

2010 — 2015
Merritt Bookstore, Millbrook, NY
IT | Cashier | Receiving/Returns | Off-Site Events